Summer. I don’t know anyone, who hates it here. I don’t know anyone, who wants to spend their time hanging out in the cold, watching the sleet hitting their faces. I don’t know anyone, who travels to north during the summer just to spend their time in the snow. Sometimes some finns complain: “It’s too hot out here”. I don’t understand them. We live in one of the most northernmost countries and only Reykjavik lies more to the north of world capitals than Helsinki. So it’s natural for us to get used to the cold weather since the day we are born. But I need that heat, it gives me energy. I believe we all need that.

We have been spoiled for the last couple of summers here with the nice, unusual warm weather and the long periods of heat. During the summer 2012, the temperature in Helsinki has not been over +25 degrees at all and there has been more rainy days than the sunny ones. It’s been an unusually bad weather. I guess that’s one reason, why we haven’t shot the traditional “summer-edit” this year. Of course, there are a lot other personal reasons too.

Well, I guess that’s enough about complaining. Despite all the reasons, why this last part of our series has delayed, I consider myself lucky. Currently, I’m at my new apartment, it’s evening and the temperature is about to drop below +10 degrees. I can watch this film and remember how warm it used to be in 2011 shooting this one. This brings all those good memories back alive.

This one features new super riders to Honeybmx films: Jesse Hakkarainen, Maxim Haidukov and Oliver Qvick. Oliver had a quick visit to “down south” and we had few hours time to shoot some footage of him performing these sweet tricks. Oliver rides for Only Steeze crew: Jesse is our true streethead. You won’t see him riding those mini-ramps. Nowadays he rides for -team. Max is not the usual street rider. He rides pegless and he rides fast.


- Mikko

BTW, We don’t currently have any project-edits in “work in progress” state. I don’t know what will be our next release, but don’t worry, we are planning new projects!

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