One Clip – Tomi Brunell

I’m starting a little serie about random clips which I filmed last year. First one features Mr. Tomi Brunell who spins his cranks like a boss.

Next clip is coming out next week, stay tuned!


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Hello rider my old friend, I have come to ride with you again

Here are some photos, that has been taken fall 2012. It has took some time for me to publish these, because I’ve been one lazyassmothafucka. The reason for my laziness is the winter and the darkness that has surrounded us last three months. Now there is a little bit light at the end of the tunnel, because spring is now nearer. At least Timmo has been active with our Instagram profile. I’m also trying to be hardworking with my first selfmade edit, which is filmed at the SignatureBMX warehouse miniramp. (The miniramp has now been took down as the Signature shop is moving to it’s new location.) So stay tuned, if you wanna see what this girl’s first BMX edit looks like!

Now enjoy my psychedelic photos:


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Jarno Jaakola #MLTS

“we are trippin so we will be there in a minute, skip the minute, skip the hour, you know that MC Chapee got that VX Power”

Nice opening line from a guy who sometimes acts like 40 year old family dad, but never lets you down from a thought that he is really an eighteen year old kid who happens to have really strong opinions about everything in life. more...

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4 Clips, 4 Pegs

4 peg training continues.


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Some summerish photos!

Patrick ( SignatureBMX, SimpleBikeCo. ), Jesse ( ) and HoneyBMX’s own rider Timmo had some fun in Ruoholahti Helsinki.

Check out my other photos from Flickr.

  Patrick and Bunnyhop Tuck No Hander more...

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The Contest for the championship title!

Kesken, MC of the Finnish rap-duo Saurus has a message for ya’ll!

Sorry for the missing subtitles! Here’s a quick translation:

Yo! I’m Kesken of the rap duo Saurus. Right now, we are shooting my new music video with Honeybmx crew. You should get more hyped about what’s happening on 1st of September at Savela Park. All the top riders of the Finnish bmx-scene will be competing there of the Finnish championship title. Be there! Peace out & Ride on!

That’s right folks! Big things are happening on next weekend! Also stay tuned for the upcoming music video!

Check more info of the contest here:

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Summer. I don’t know anyone, who hates it here. I don’t know anyone, who wants to spend their time hanging out in the cold, watching the sleet hitting their faces. I don’t know anyone, who travels to north during the summer just to spend their time in the snow. Sometimes some finns complain: “It’s too hot out here”. I don’t understand them. We live in one of the most northernmost countries and only Reykjavik lies more to the north of world capitals than Helsinki. So it’s natural for us to get used to the cold weather since the day we are born. But I need that heat, it gives me energy. I believe we all need that.


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Flat rail

Jesse from team and Honeys own rider Timmo had some fun in Malminkartanos flat rail.


Jesse and opposite icepick


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Grindin Saturday

Just a quick little three clip edit from yesterday. Trying to get my four pegs in a good use.



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Yesterday was great. Warm summer evening, riding with friends and taking photographs.

The guy showing off his skills in photos below is Jonne Hämäläinen. Jonne has rode his bike 13 years so he has a really nice and unique style. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching Jonne taking huge air in ramps or trails.

Jonne rides for Signature BMX.



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