Kontula Dmg Jam


This time dmg.fi jam was held in the real deal Eastern slum Kontula. This bomb shelter skatepark gave the opportunity to try new kind of contest, in which the contesters were able to ride five different spots, including ramp and street sections and each spot you were able to win pure cash. So all riders had the same opportunity to show their skills and mad tricks.
Huge thanks to all the sponsors and everyone who was organizing this, because these happenings are so important to the finnish BMX community!


TommiDmg trying to keep up with the rushing riders.


 BMX Warriors on the line, waiting for their turn.


Riku showing off his skills.


 Timmo’s kitchentable.


 Mikael waiting for his turn.


 Jarno has been healing his knee for several months after surgery, but now he is back on the pedals!


Miikas beanie getting touched with the roof bar.


Waly got what he wanted.


It’s not easy to be judge. Serious decisions had to be made.


Railride. Quite a trick if I may say.


And last but not least; Walys tuckieeeee!

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