Jarno Jaakola #MLTS

“we are trippin so we will be there in a minute, skip the minute, skip the hour, you know that MC Chapee got that VX Power”

Nice opening line from a guy who sometimes acts like 40 year old family dad, but never lets you down from a thought that he is really an eighteen year old kid who happens to have really strong opinions about everything in life.

First time when I met Jarno he was 15, didn’t know much what to do with his bike, and were mostly cruising around skatepark. But that never caught my attention, no. It was this: He looked like the most shy and quiet kid in a skatepark, but I was so wrong. Jarno’s first sentence to me was “Hey, give me a ride to home”. No introduction who he was and he definetely didn’t say “please”. Later I heard he thought I was a cop…

Well, I took him home and didn’t see him in six or seven months. Next time we saw at a miniramp, in late March. Me and my few friends had a habit back then that before the snow melt we dug one shitty miniramp open from all the snow and ice. Just to get ride outside. Suddenly, Jarno showed up driving his moped car like a boss. He took his bike out, walked in snow to the ramp, cleaned his shoes and started riding. The word “hello” came afterwards. He didn’t speak much later that day, but I guess it was because of those headphones and that thing hasn’t changed till today. He still rides with headphones on, playing rap too loud and don’t talk much. Talking about concentration or not giving a shit.

It was September 2010 and Jarno was riding, progressing and learning new tricks. Having the time of his life and fun on his bike and then suddenly, his knee gave out. Torn ACL and that’s was it. Hello surgery and no riding in six months.

Time went on and it was September 2011 and Jarno was riding, progressing and learning new tricks. His knee was finally okay and he was really gettin better with his bike. There could be a romantic and cheesy ending where Jarno learned hop whip down the stairs, found a girl and got married.

Not with Jarno. He went to gym four times a week, trained his knee, rode harder and POW! Torn ACL again, same leg, same month, same surgery. No riding in six or seven months.

And this is why I like him. He has broke his knee twice in a row. After that he spent over a year with sore knee without riding and finally was able to start again in Spring 2012. After that his progression has been awesome!

Some people say that Jarno is riding a bit slowly at times, but who cares! In his situation most of us wouldn’t be riding at all. We would be at home, playing Black ops, eating candy, wasting time and talking shit via social media.

What Jarno did when he was out of the game? Instead of playing those fairytale-wargames Jarno spent hours and hours watching street edits from the guys like Tony Neyer, Miles Rogoish, Tammy McCarley, Ty Morrow and the rest of The Trip team. He even bought his own Sony VX1000 video camera and right now is the only person who films bmx in Finland with a VX. But that wasn’t enough for this young fire, he saved his money and booked a flight straight to San Diego streets to see those guys live. At the same time when he stood on the sweet ground of California, he fulfilled his wet daydream.

And this happened in October 2012. No twisted knee this time, just a VX full of good memories.

If HoneyBMX would ever put a team together, Jarno would be there. No doubt.


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