HoneyBoogie part 1: Body rocking beats and booty-shaking basslines!

Sometimes having fun can mean other things than enjoying your daily sunshine riding your BMX rocking those streets. There’s nothing better than inviting your friends for a visit to enjoy the Friday night and ask them to bring shitloads of beer and stacks of wax. Here’s few tunes from the Friday night:

Sylvia Striplin sounds like honey:

Harvey presents Locussolus – I want it. Hands down!

Non-stop groove from Joe Bataan:

You can’t go wrong with Hugh Masekela:

How sick is this Beastie boys music video?

Tiga & 303 basslines <3 <3 <3!!!

Summer is taking it’s last breaths here in Helsinki. Now it’s the time to enjoy these shiny days what we have left and go out to shoot the final 2011 street cruises!

Coming soon: photos from our summer cruises and more edits, of course!

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