Hello rider my old friend, I have come to ride with you again

Here are some photos, that has been taken fall 2012. It has took some time for me to publish these, because I’ve been one lazyassmothafucka. The reason for my laziness is the winter and the darkness that has surrounded us last three months. Now there is a little bit light at the end of the tunnel, because spring is now nearer. At least Timmo has been active with our Instagram profile. I’m also trying to be hardworking with my first selfmade edit, which is filmed at the SignatureBMX warehouse miniramp. (The miniramp has now been took down as the Signature shop is moving to it’s new location.) So stay tuned, if you wanna see what this girl’s first BMX edit looks like!

Now enjoy my psychedelic photos:

- Satu


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