Hello friends! Here we are, back from the dead with a brand new film!

It features Mr. Niko Ihander, 23 year old madman who began riding bmx over ten years ago. Unfortunately, due to some injuries and surgeries he hasn’t been able to ride much during the last two years… until the summer ’13!

Well now he is back in action and hopefully stays in the picture too because I definitely want to see more riding from him in the near future. And I do know I’m not alone with this wish. Niko is also one of the many riders in Simpel Session 2014 and according to his words “I always want to get higher”, Saku Suurhall is going to be the place to do that.

This is not typical “smith manual feeble 180 out and barspin” street/park edit. This is something different. To be honest, Mikko did a damn good job at the edit and post production. And this time we didn’t shoot this together like we usually do. 2nd cameraman was Mr. Aaro Visala, mastermind behind the Karu Creative group. I strongly suggest to check out his work too!
And when it comes to riding, Niko did it all in 8hrs.


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